Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Happy, Houndly 2009

Hi everyone,
Sorry for the long hiatus. Mom and Dad were somewhere called Vancouver and Bernie and I got to hang out with our favorite uncle. We were really spoiled--lots of walks and treats. Bernie even talked him into three meals a day, which resulted in Mom and Dad calling him Bacon Boy again due to some extra poundage.
Speaking of poundage, Mom and the v-e-t had lots of discussions about little old me before the holidays and the Dr. E decided to put me on an enzyme supplement to help me absorb nutrients (which seems to be the reason I'm losing weight). Anyway, no complaints about the enzyme stuff, except that it has to sit on my food for 15 minutes, meaning 15 minutes of pacing and howling for my dinner! I am NOT amused. I am starting to get my energy back, though, and feel a lot better. I was so impressed by the Christmas videos of Gus, Dimond, and Molly. Bernie and I don't really unwrap anything unless it contains food. Bentley and Wimsey's puppy pictures were adorable as well. Happy New Year and a howling 2009 to all my hound friends and guardians! A-roooo!


Wimsey said...


So happy to see you! Ah yes, the probiotic type thing to better utilize all the nutrients in one's food. I had to do that when I was younger to gain weight. Maria finally decided to just keep feeding me. While waiting for your food, just remember that it'll taste all the yummier after torturing the humans for it!


Bentley said...

A happy new year howl right back at you Marmalade. Aroo!

I hope you'll soon be pleasantly plump and sleek. It's not usually real fun to visit the vet, but they've usually got some good ideas to make a hound feel better.

Marmalade said...

Thanks guys! I am feeling better. Mom says she should just take some of Bernie's extra poundage and give it to me. My vet is really nice, actually. I spent a lot of time at the clinic when I was first rescued and they took good care of me. Last time I was there, they remarked how nicely I walk on leash... perhaps I need to be more houndly after all.

Edie and Gus said...

Glad you are feeling better. I think your humans need to give you an extra portion of food now that you are forced to pace and howl prior to each meal. The things we bloodhounds must do!

Keep chowing down and don't let Bacon-Boy steal your food! Haha!

Your friend,
Frosty (Boy is it Cold Up Here) Gus

Marmalade said...

Stay warm, Gus. It's cold here too, but not that cold...

Ms. ~K said...

I thought I detected a southern accent...I'm so glad you found your fur-ever home!!!!
WROOOOO to you,

Edie and Gus said...

You should check out my friend's blog. She was selected to race for Team USA in the Sled Dog World Championship races in Quebec this week. 400 teams are there from 5 continents! I am fully expecting her to take it all in the 4 dog class and 6 dog class.

She is the woman who taught my youngest daughter to sprint race, sharing her race dogs and sleds with us! Wonderful family!!