Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer hounds!

Hi everyone,
It's been a restful weekend for us hounds and we've definitely been enjoying the cooler weather. The week has been less restful for Mom and Dad, though... I've been getting them up extra early to go outside. As a result, Mom spent a lot of time this weekend snoozing on the sofa (which is fine as long as she leaves it for me to sleep on at night). Anyway, the last week was quite hot and Bernie decided to find a nice cool spot to sleep. He dug himself a nice hole under one of the shrubs and snoozed the day away.

Here's me surveying my yard (and making sure it's not invaded by birds, squirrels, or rabbits!)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The one that got away...

It's been looking like the west coast in these parts with all the rain. YUCK! I got Mom out in it at 5:30 this morning. When she let me out later, she noticed I was sniffing hard around her hydrangea bushes but thought a rabbit had been through there. Clearly, she does NOT have my sense of smell because there was something there--a bird. A rather large bird for that matter. Never one to hesitate, with one most cat-like pounce, I caught it!

Unfortunately, it managed to get out of my jaws and hide between the fence and the porch and Mom grabbed my collar and picked me up and put me inside (I was not having any of the going inside thing). Anyway, I sat down in front of the porch door and bayed for over half an hour to no avail. When we went back out later, the bird was gone and Mom's shrubs looked quite beaten up after all the action.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Whenever I want something...

I bay. Full volume. Mom says I have a beautiful, melodic singing voice and took some video to showcase it. So here goes.
This is my "I'm hungry--give me my dinner already" song.

And this is my "Put my bowl down already--please" serenade.


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Central Park Safari with Wimsey

Hi everyone. Marmalade's Mom here. I got to meet his royal houndness Wimsey in New York City this week and was it ever an experience! Sir was very happy that I brought with me an entourage of admirers (my brother and his partner visiting from out of town). My brother in particular is a serious dog person and with Wimsey he got to experience some serious houndness. We had a blast--thanks to Wimsey and his humans. The weather was perfect for a lovely jaunt in the park. Here's Sir looking very handsome with my brother. Do they look alike? Perhaps a little...

And here's his royal houndness baying for attention (we had momentarily stopped petting him).

Anyway, we walked some more, he bayed some more, chucked some drool (his smart humans are always armed with drool rags), and then we ended up at Grom's Gelato--Wimsey's favorite ice cream spot. Here is some footage of Wimsey being grommed... We had quite a laugh when Wimsey got brain freeze!

And finally, Wimsey walking off into the sunset. No other comments necessary here.