Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Things to be thankful for...

Hi everyone. Bernie's human here. One of the things were most thankful this year is the nice little relationship that has developed between Bernie-hound and our main Maine Coon, Emma Peel (E-kitty). We came up the stairs one night and found them both snoozing on our bed. We've come a long way from the snarling, hissing, and chasing of last winter and I figure if a hound and cat can do it, why can't humans get along as well?

Bernie hound will resume blogging next week. He's recovering from a staph infection/hot spot and has been supervising Paul's brewing operations at Baying Hound Aleworks this week. Of course, he spent some of the time "sleeping on the job" but that's OK. House-guarding duties have thus fallen to E-kitty, and she is doing an admirable job from her sentry on the bench at the top of the steps.

Anyway, we wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving--may there be lots of turkey and trimmings for everyone. Bernie is joining us for Thanksgiving at his grandparents' and E-kitty has a previous engagement.

Inspired by Wimsey's Testicle Song, Bernie is now working on his own version of "My Favorite Things"... stay tuned!