Sunday, November 22, 2009


It seems that the cats the humans have been feeding are here to stay... We have not yet worked out a peaceful coexistence, however. Right now, the cycle is, cats eat and sit on porch, we stare, we chase. They are kind of cute though.

This is the mother cat.

And here is me staring at one of the kittens on the chair.

She was clearly not amused...

I spent the rest of the morning looking out the windows and tracking their every move.

Mom thinks I'm more curious than anything. Bernie, however, was sent downstairs. He's a lot more than curious.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Leaf pile adventures

The weather turned cool and the leaves have really started to turn and fall to the ground. Fall is a great season for us hounds--all these smells--mold, decomposing stuff galore--yum! Us hounds have it good. The humans spent the afternoon raking while we hung out and sniffed. Here's Bernie lying in his favorite leaf pile. I don't lie in the piles, especially since Bernie likes to "mark" them...

I don' t mark, but I sure sniff. I smelled squirrel and even the cat that's been eating on the porch.

The humans get mad when I eat yucky stuff in the yard, but I'm a hound--I can't resist!

This hound sure does get tired at the end of the day, though... So tired that I decided to take up two dog beds instead of one. My humans call it "bloodhound sprawl". The photo below shows my massive paws--which lately are in the habit of socking Mom in the face while she's sleeping. It's not my fault she takes up so much of the bed. Perhaps I should petition for my own futon, like Wimsey has...

Anyway, I'm off to the vet tomorrow for a weigh-in and some bloodwork, which means the vet techs will love on me and tell me I'm such a good girl, and so on. The best part is I get to ride shotgun (I have a doggie seat belt that keeps me safe). It's funny watching people pull up next to us and seeing their reaction when they see a large hound staring at them. It takes so little to keep humans entertained...