Monday, January 26, 2009

Play date!

Hi everyone. Sorry it took me a while to write. I've been hibernating because of the unusually cold winter we've had this year. This southern gal does NOT like the cold--Mom and Dad have to drag me along on our walks. The weather was nice on Sunday, though, so I got my coat on and we met a new dog friend for a play date at the park. Her name is Remi and she's a Boston terrier. She moved here from Indiana with her Mom, so I guess these temperatures are pretty balmy compared to home. Neither Bernie and I had met a Boston before and even though I think our large houndliness was a bit overwhelming for her, she came around and went for a walk with us. I think Bernie thought she was really cute--he LOVES the ladies. Anyway, some photos of our walk and the snooze that followed.

To my friends who have been discussing the stuffy issue, I am sad to say that Mom decided not to let me have any more. After reading Gus' description about pooping white fuzz for a week, Mom decided that my sensitive tummy would not like to digest stuffing. So I await my indestructible kong.


Bentley said...

It looks like you are all enjoying your walk. We tried going out for a walk one of the warmer evenings, but it was dark and not so very much fun.

You'll enjoy a kong to chew on, don't worry. Do you like to flip your toys? Kongs are fun because you never know which way they will bounce!


Edie and Gus said...

Hi Marmie! We like the way your skin kind of melts into a puddle around your face when you sleep!

I have a new favorite toy that I thought you might enjoy. (Okay, I don't have it anymore, but it DID last over a month, which is nothing short of a miracle.) It is a large plastic Jolly Ball that has holes in it, the holes are about tennis ball size, I think. Inside is a soft plastic ball that I go insane trying to get. It is the best toy I ever played with. My only problem was the way I guarded it from Dimond and Molly, something which none of the humans thought was entertaining in the slightest.

Anyway, here is a link to a picture. Maybe it would be a good toy for you, since stuffed animals are out!

Maybe your humans should look into a heated dog coat for you, too, you poor thing. I heard your weather is getting pretty bad, so stay warm and safe!

Your friend,
The Gusinator of the Far North