Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Marmageddon II--Inaugural Chew Fest

Hey everyone. It's been an exciting few days with the inauguration of our new president. Mom and Dad decided to watch the activities from the comfort of the sofa. I agree--it's way too cold to be outdoors for more than a quick pee. Anyway, I'm trying to petition our new president to consider a bloodhound puppy... although perhaps the first lady would not be happy about drool on her outfits. Oh well, one can dream. Anyway, I had my own inaugural weekend. I finished off a project I had started while Mom and Dad were away--Mom's cat slippers! I was bound and determined to gut them, but didn't get very far since Mom took them away.

She was mad--they were really warm apparently--I don't have a problem with slippers, per se, just the ones shaped like C-A-T-S! Once the offending slippers were disposed of (note the impressive teeth marks in the photos) Mom decided to give me something appropriate to chew on--my old hedgehog squeaky toy she'd found in the basement. It went well, except I destroyed it in less than ten minutes. Next on the menu--when Mom has time to go to the store--indestructable kongs. No more toys with stuffing for little old me.


Wimsey said...

But you're supposed to destroy stuffies! It's fun to watch your humans clean up all the white fluff. And a hedgehog! That's my next one.

Lots of drool,


Edie and Gus said...

You are so cute with your toys! Love that wrinkly face. I am not allowed stuffies, ever. EVER. I eat all the stuffing. ALL of the stuffing. I once ate all the stuffing out a queen sized comforter that was left just a little too near my crate. I pooped fluff for days!

Trusty Gus (trust me to eat anything)

Bentley said...

Hey, my brother Beau has a hedgehog just like that! Why don't I get to play with it?

Oh, wait, because I'd un-stuff it in a second. *sigh* oh well, I do get to chew on other non-stuffed toys.

Marmalade, hope your humans will get you that kong soon!