Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Snoozing our way into spring

Hi everyone. Bernie here. Our apologies for the lack of updates. E-kitty and I have been busy keeping the humans in line. In addition, we have spent the last few months snoozing and waiting for the weather to get better. We didn't really have a "snowpocalypse" this year, but it was cold and yucky and although E is an indoor cat, she loves sleeping in front of open windows and listening to the birds. As for me, my favorite thing, winter or spring, is sneaking upstairs and sleeping on the humans' pillows. I've recently figured out how to wedge open the gate at the bottom of the steps and have had long, satisfying naps on the bed. On my way to the bedroom, I usually stop and finish whatever is left in E-kitty's bowl. Waste not, want not, I say. The humans are not amused, but how can they get mad at a face like this? It's not possible!

The big gray Maine Coon may not snore like a hound, but she can nap with the best of them. She seems to be getting a bit big for her cat bed. I will have to alert the humans to put her on a diet--more cat food for me!