Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Marmalounger

Hi all, hope you're keeping cool, except old frosty paws in Alaska... It's been an eventful week--saw the vet yesterday and my bloodwork came back pretty good, so I can stay on my medication and keep gaining weight. I'm at 60 lbs now--up from 52 when I was really sick. I charmed the vet by giving her my paw and then drooling on her scrubs.
With all the action, there is one place that is my retreat--the place I can curl up undisturbed for hours--my arm chair, also known as the "Marmalounger". When I first got into it, Mom and Dad didn't think I would fit--well, I proved them wrong. I fold my long legs under and snooze for hours. Of course, when I want to stretch out, I just kick Bernie or the humans off the sofa and take it over. It's a hound's life.


Edie and Gus said...

We love the term "Marmalounger"! Edie came up with a version for me because she was tired of sharing the bed with both Molly Hound and yours truly. She brought a reclining lawn chair in from the deck and put it at the end of the bed, fixed it up with some fluffy blankets and gave it to me! I spend most nights on it, but I don't have a catchy name for the thing yet. Hmmm. The Gusicliner?

So glad to hear you are doing well and gaining weight! Keep up the excellent work and continue with the stealing and destruction as well.

Frosty paws and steamy pee,
The Gusinator

Bentley said...

Oh, that chair looks really comfy. We're glad to hear that the vet had good news, and we'll keep good thoughts in mind that everything just keeps getting better!

I think I'm going to have to stick with the couch, myself. One of the chairs in the living room is too scary - it moves if I try crawl in (mom says it's a rocker, and it's supposed to do that) and the other just isn't quite comfortable enough. If I could dig at it a bit, I think it would be fine, but so far, no luck.


Marmalade said...

The Gusicliner--I like it! Bentley, I'm not into stuff that moves, either... Solid furniture is where it's at!

Life With Dogs said...

Best nickname ever. Really!