Sunday, September 13, 2009

Under the table dog

Hounds and humans alike enjoyed the lovely weather this weekend. We all lay outside on the grass this afternoon and snoozed. By the way, a shout out to the Life with Dogs blog for awarding this blog the Golden Hydrant. I and my team are honored. Although with all of Bernie's leg lifting, he might be a worthy nominee as well :)

Anyway, while I spend mealtimes in the corner of the dining room waiting for something to drop, Bernie lies under the table. As soon as Mom and Dad sit down to eat, down he goes and spends the duration of the meal there. He is one funny hound, but I love him.

And here he is showing his lovely leg lift position--Mom thanks her lucky stars for all the acid-loving plants in our garden.


Bentley said...

Oh my, Bernie is one funny hound, isn't he? My mom really got a laugh out of that first picture. I'm afraid I'm confined to my kennel during human dining times. *sigh*

I hope Bernie isn't too traumatized by that picture of him watering the plants. A guy just can't get any privacy?


The Thundering Herd said...

Our cousin Tartok likes to lay underneath the table out on the deck while the humans eat. Which would be really sneaky if it were not a glass table.

Edie and Gus said...

I prefer the grab and run technique at dinner. I poise my head near the table, then WHAM, I hit and run. Quite easy when I am taller than the table, actually!

We have noticed that weeds love pee up here. I can kill the grass and flowers in a heartbeat, but weeds, well, they love my method of watering.

Your yard looks wonderful! So kind of you to take pictures of Bernie, as I am still learning to hike my leg. Maybe Bernie should send me a how-to-pee-like-a-boy video, since I only have girls around.

The Gusinator

Wimsey said...

I prefer the sit and stare at the human version. Sooner or later they break down and give me something. I don't think I'd fit under the table. Do love the photo of the tail sticking out from under the table.


Swampechaun said...

Just another day, just another territory mark!