Sunday, August 16, 2009

Queen of the sofa bed

As some of you already know, Mom and Dad take turns sleeping on the sofa bed with me at night since the medicine I'm taking causes me to need to go outside very early in the morning (usually around 3 a.m.). I will admit that I thoroughly enjoy this arrangement, as does Bernie, who claims the half of the bed vacated by the downstairs-sleeping human. Besides the cuddles on the sofa and the human at my beck and call, I enjoyed some long baying sessions this weekend. Mom said one bay in particular was migraine-inducing (and she doesn't get headaches!). Anyway, if you look carefully at the photo, you can see the great shredding job that Bernie has done on the drape. Mom is in the market for hound-proof window treatments for the living room and is grateful for any suggestions.

We watched the US gymnastics championships this weekend. Lots of jumping and flipping going on--humans are weird. Anyway, if a hound competed in the sport, it might go something like this.


Tim Dagget: And here is Marmalade Bloodhound ready to mount the beam. She needs a perfect score to take the gold. Can she do it?

Elfie Schlegel: Well Tim, those enormous ears caused her to trip during last night's routine. It looks like she's wearing her pink snood (courtesy of teammate Bentley's Mom) to match her leotard tonight.

And here she goes--mounting with a graceful bound and bay. Then a sit; turn on one paw; then a back leg lift (a move in honor of her brother Bernie, a real expert on leg lifting); lovely pose--nose sticking straight up; tail whip connected to another tail whip; nice series of bunny hops (in her free time, this athlete enjoys terrorizing the bunnies in her yard); and here's the dismount--a double twisting tail grab stuck cold.

Her coach is baying with delight. Marmalade is back at the beam chewing the leather cover off and sniffing the chalk bowl.

Tim: and the audience is on their feet! Even the judges are baying! And she gets a perfect score! What a long way this hound has come--traveled all the way from Georgia to train with the best hound-nastics coaches in the DC area, and boy, it's paid off! She gets a standing ovation and is now flinging drool at the audience. What a talent!


OK enough dreaming about hound-nastics... Gotta get Mom downstairs to open up the sofa-bed--it's almost bedtime! Good night all!


Bentley said...

Oh Marmalade, we enjoyed your hound-nastics so much! We hounds can be very agile if we wish.(it made my mom smile to read that the snood was part of the program). Envisioning a hound in a leotard was good for a smile too!

My mom says that she doesn't have any ideas for a hound-proof window coverings. After the whole chew-proof bed thing, she's pretty much sure it's hopeless and nothing is hound proof when a hound sets their mind to it.

Hope you'll be feeling all better soon, you have very good humans - they take really good care of you!


Wimsey said...

The only advice regarding the curtains is to get either ones too short to reach or metal.

I too enjoyed the houndnastics, though I wouldn't want to wear a leotard!


Edie and Gus said...

BWAHAHAHA! Hound-nastics are awesome! I do think I would much rather see Marmie in a leotard rather than Bentley or Wimsey, though.

Window coverings?? (Edie laughs) Here's her answer: Absolutely none in the living areas (no nearby neighbors), and vinyl shades in the bedrooms to keep out the midnight sun. Definitely easy to wash. Good luck!