Sunday, November 16, 2008

Presents from Alaska!

Bernie and I are so excited! This week a package arrived with my name on it (the postman knew which house to deliver it to without even looking at the address, since I serenade him through the window every day when he brings the mail). Anyway, there was much excitement as Mom opened the package for us. It contained Yummy Chummies--salmon dog treats from our friends Edie and Gus in the great white north. We were most eager to sample these treats and as soon as Mom opened the package, the living room was filled with the pungent odor of salmon (which Mom said warms her west coast heart). Check us out helping open the package.

Anyway, the treats are delicious! We get some after every meal. The best part is that they seem to agree with me--my tummy wasn't upset at all yesterday, which made Mom and Dad very happy. Anyway, there's some video footage of me enjoying my treats.

The humans say thanks for their "treats" too--they're going to have some this afternoon (although Bernie and I think Mom is wired enough without the espresso beans!) What wonderful friends we've made through this blog... Thanks again, Edie and Gus! Bernie and I will sniff around for some real Maryland or Washington DC treats for ya. A-roooo!

Here's me sleeping off the treats.


Edie and Gus said...

Dear Marmalade and Bernie,
We are so happy that you are enjoying the treats!! Don't let your human eat all the espresso beans at once, or she may be towing YOU on the next walk!

We are especially glad to hear that the treats are not upsetting Marmalade's tummy. Let us know whenever you would like more, and we will be happy to send them.

The videos are sooo cute!

I am happy to report that Edie is working on setting up a blog. It will be fun to have videos starring ME on the internet, too. She wants to include lots of photos and videos about life in Fairbanks.

Have a wonderful week,

Gus the Alaskan Destroyer & Edie

Marmalade said...

Yay! A blog! How exciting. We're so happy to have friends in Alaska. Keep us posted about the blog.
We're getting a human and dog roommate in January. The human is coming to DC for an internship and is bringing her little Boston terrier. We're really excited.

Bentley said...

Love the videos. It's so fun to watch and see what other Bloodhounds do. You are so well behaved and sit so promptly. (please don't set too high a bar for the rest of us hounds!)