Friday, November 21, 2008

Bernie saves his sister's life

Hi everyone, it's Marmalade's Mom here. Marmie can't blog for a few days--she had emergency surgery tonight for bloat. It came on really quickly and luckily we were able to rush her to the emergency vet in time. It was thanks to her wonderful hound brother Bernie that we noticed and took action--he was so agitated and out of sorts--at one point going down to the basement and "marking territory", something he NEVER does. His strange behavior prompted us to examine Marmie and sure enough, she had bloated. The vets took great care of her--we were quite a sight dashing into animal emergency with Marmie's dad carrying her in his arms. The other dog guardians there were wonderful too--a great comfort since we were a real mess waiting for her to come out of surgery. She's all wrapped up in a heating blanket and in snoozing away. We'll visit her tomorrow. An awful night that turned out OK, thanks to Bernie. Big guy, this one's for you!


Edie and Gus said...

Oh my gosh! We are so sorry to hear about Marmalade. What a shock. Bernie is a hero. Thank goodness he got your attention so quickly. Please keep us posted on Marmie's recovery. We are worried about her and are keeping her in our thoughts and prayers. Give Bernie a big hug from all of us, and a special hug to Marmalade from all of us, too.

Your friends in Alaska,
Gus, Edie and family

online cooking said...

I am so proud of my boy. This is a lesson that I need to listen to him when he's trying to tell me something. I think he's not only Marmalade's hero, but my hero too.

Bentley said...

Oh no - so sorry to read this. But, glad that Bernie raised the alert.

Please know that there are good thoughts and puppy prayers heading you way from my brother Beau and I and from our human guardians as well.

We'll be thinking of everyone in your family.

Hugs, good thoughts and positive energy to all. We care about you all. Wishes for a smooth recovery.

Take care,
Bentley and the rest