Monday, November 10, 2008

If hounds ran the world...

Hi everyone. Sorry for not posting in a while. It's been busy and Bernie and I were under the weather for a day or too. While Wimsey was withholding poop, me and Bernie were quite the opposite. Serves us right for raiding the compost! Anyway, all is now well. Speaking of eating stuff, check out our pumpkin--the squirrels carved it for is this year. Mom decided just to stick candles in it anyway. The trick-or-treaters thought it looked really cool.

Things were quite exciting in Washington with the election, which leads me to wonder what this country would look like if hounds ran the world. Let's see...

We're tenacious and resourceful--if we want something, we go after it. No flip-flopping here!

We're smarter than we look--always an advantage in politics I find. Never underestimate a hound!

We don't waste anything--talk about cleaning up government--there would be nothing left in the oval office--just a few pieces of shredded carpet.

We would drool on friends and enemies alike--helping them find common ground.

We would go our own way through any obstacle. Whoever coined the term "maverick" must have had a hound.

We would make our opinions known for all to hear. Mom says even people in the arctic can hear my howl.

We would make sure everyone would have a long nap every afternoon. More sleep = a more peaceful world.

Anyway, we had some family in town on the weekend and had a good time. We really enjoyed our outdoor time and the nice fall weather. Needless to say, we were pretty tired when everyone left. Bernie draped himself over the sofa and promptly fell asleep.


Bentley said...

Oh goodness, glad to hear you are both feeling better! It's never fun to be under the weather.

Marmalade, you do look so comfortable in your coat. Very sharp! And Bernie looks pretty comfy as he's napping there too.

Good to hear that things are going good for you both.

(I was wondering when I first saw the pumpkin if you and Bernie had carved it!)

Marmalade said...

We didn't carve the pumpkin, but one morning we went out and the squirrel was still in the pumpkin--we almost ate him!