Thursday, September 11, 2008

Welcome to my blog!

Hi everyone. My name is Marmalade and I'm a nine-year old bloodhound girl from Georgia. I was rescued in 2007 and now live in the Washington DC area with my Mom and Dad and half-bloodhound brother Bernie. My parents had never been owned by a bloodhound before they rescued me and it took them a while to clue in about certain things.

First of all, I sing... a lot. The first time I started singing for my dinner, my parents thought I was growling at them. Silly humans! But I don't just howl. I sing melodies with complex tunes and rhythms. Mom especially loves it when I serenade my friends on the street during our 6 a.m. walk! She keeps using the word "mortified"... I wonder why.

Inspired by Beijing games this past summer, my parents are convinced that drool-slinging should be added to the list of Olympic sports. During a recent dinner party at our house, Mom looked up at the corner of the ceiling and, lo and behold, a huge Marma-goober was hanging there in all its glory. Nobody else noticed, but it was kind of funny watching Mom balance on a chair trying to clean it off.

Third, this hound has a penchant for baked goods. Dad bakes a lot of bread and has taken to putting the warm loaves in top of the fridge to cool after losing one too many loaves to my intrepid counter-surfing skills. The great counter-surf of summer 2007 was an amazing event: Two loaves, two hounds, some agile moves, and a lighting fast sprint through the house with our prize.

Last but not least, I eat anything in my path. Last summer I managed to successfully digest a bird, a bat, and various rodents. I haven't tried horse-do yet, but I'll take Wimsey's word for it that it's yummy.


Wimsey said...

Welcome to the Blogosphere my lovely Marmalade! It's great fun, and I'm sure you'll be very popular!


Anonymous said...

Hi Marmalade... welcome to the world of dog blogs... One of my daughters favourite songs is 'Lady Marmalade'