Monday, September 15, 2008

The "Marmalounger"

When I was adopted in February 2007, my parents promised that I would never be cold, sick, sad, or lonely ever again. Life definitely got better fast when I arrived home. There were regular meals, a warm bed, and nice long walks to the park. Since I'd never really lived in a house before, I hadn't really experienced furniture--especially the upholstered kind. At first, I took to climbing and sitting on the living room coffee table, but I soon discovered that the stuffed arm chair was much more comfortable. It was love at first snooze. I spend so much time in the chair that Mom and Dad named it the "Marmalounger". When we have guests and all the seats (including my armchair) get taken by humans, I'm known to stare at the offender and snort my disapproval. Wimsey would agree that after all, once an object is appropriated by a hound, it's for keeps!


Edie and Gus said...

Hi Marmalade!
Gus here, from Alaska. I am a 2 year old bloodhound. You have a great start on your blog. Edie loves the photos, and thinks you look great!

I live with 2 coonhounds- a treeing walker named Dimond Willow (spelled the Alaskan way) and a blue tick/treeing walker mix named Molly.

Molly was adopted as an 8 year old, so Edie fully understands the integration process of an older hound... patience, patience, patience...but sooo worth it!

Keep up the good work on the rodents, bread, etc. I will check back with you soon!

Gus, Bloodhound of the Alaskan Frontier

Anonymous said...

Girl, you are just built for a life of comfort, how lucky you are to have found such loving people...I love the first photo, its gorgeous