Monday, September 22, 2008

The way to a hound's heart ...

... is definitely through it's stomach!
Mom and Dad spent Saturday afternoon searching for treats that would not upset my delicate stomach. I don't see why they're so concerned. After all, I'm able to digest all kinds of interesting things. Anyway, they're on a "Marmie's so thin--we need to feed her more and give her treats" tear, which is just fine by me. My hefty brother Bernie, who is built like a tank, has had his food portions reduced. He hopes Mom will stop calling him "Bacon Boy" if he doesn't gain his usual fall/winter poundage. I hate to say it, I think the Bacon Boy name has stuck.
I have a few nicknames too--Marma-hound; Marma-tank (since bloodhounds don't go around obstacles, but through them); Marma-lady; "neighborhood rooster"--not sure I like being referred to as a critter with feathers; and Marma-howler. Speaking of howling, I was in fine form this morning, greeting all the construction workers in the neighborhood. It's only polite to say hello, after all. I think I did wake everyone within a 4-block radius, though. But, as Wimsey argues, humans are around to serve us, so if we're awake, they should be too.


Wimsey said...

My dear lovely Marmalade,

You might suggest to your humans to find you some Yummy Chummy and try that. Gus from Alaska was kind enough to send me some and not only is it quite tasty, but doesn't upset my stomach either.


Bentley said...

Hi Marmalade,

I'm glad to meet you. I just discovered your blog & have enjoyed catching up with all you've posted. Such beautiful pictures & a great blog! So glad you & your brother have a nice forever home. (my human mom got a little sniffley reading about you - she wishes every single dog had a safe and happy home.)

Anyway, my brother Beau has a bit of a tender tummy and we both get food from Wellness brand - they make treats too. We get turkey and duck treats (they're soft and chewy) and the regular daily food is made of whitefish and sweet potato.