Monday, April 19, 2010

Bacon Boy goes hunting

Well it's been an eventful few weeks with lots going on in the yard. The humans have been busy mulching, weeding, and planting and they could not have done it without the excellent supervision of yours truly. Speaking of supervision, E-kitty and I have had a few "supervised" nose-to-nose moments--which resulted in both noses remaining intact, so the humans hold out hope that one day we will like each other. Hmmmm... we'll see about that!

Since E-kitty is off limits, I decided to use my houndly hunting prowess in the back yard last weekend. It was a rather successful outing, as I found, caught, and ate an unsuspecting bunny. The humans were not impressed but I am, after all, a hound.

I've also been digging myself nice snooze-spots in the garden bed, which the humans are now talking about fencing off. Really--after all my efforts to make it comfy... A hound's labor is rarely appreciated. Dejected, I returned to another favorite snooze-spot.

Bernie a.k.a. Hasenpfeffer Hound


Lola said...

Good luck with the cat. Please let us know how it goes. I've gotten nowhere with mine.

What kind of fence are the humans putting up? Will it be anything you can't get through? Perhaps you'll have the chance to be even more impressive by testing that out for them.

wags, Lola

Edie and Gus said...

Hounds own the yard/garden area, your humans should know that! Fencing it off will just lead to mass destruction of other areas. Aren't they mulching, weeding,planting for your pleasure after all??

Edie is SO jealous of your yard and weather. We still have ice and snow.

Gus of the North

Bentley said...

Hasenpfeffer Hound! LOL.