Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dispatch from the other (species) side

You all have seen pictures of me. I'm Mrs. Emma Peel, also known as Emma-cat or E-kitty. For those of you not addicted to old 1960s crime shows, I was named after Diana Rigg's character on the Avengers. Although my "cat-suit" is gray, not black, I think there is some resemblance.

Anyway, I've been living the good life since wandering into Bernie's house on New Year's Day. Bernie is not overly impressed with my stately feline presence, but we both have our spheres of influence. I own the upstairs while Bernie rules the main floor of the house. Of course we do have some encounters (which usually involve some growling) but all in all, it works out. The humans have a window seat upstairs that I have appropriated since it's perfectly positioned for optimal kitty-vision watching. I can see the entire back yard and regularly comment about all the birds and other critters out there. My other favorite past-time is playing with my feather toy downstairs when Bernie's not there.

The humans think I'm a lot like Marmalade the bloodhound (albeit without the drool). I will say, I'm a heck of a lot more graceful than any hound.
On that happy note, I will sign off.
Emma Peel the Fur-st


Wimsey said...

Welcome Emma to blogtopia. I look forward to your dispatches when Bernie can be convinced to give you the keyboard.


Bentley said...

Emma, I look forward to hearing about the world from the viewpoint of a cat. I don't think I've ever met an cats...I don't quite know what I'd think.


Bernie said...

Sneaky kitty grabbed the laptop while I wasn't looking... Ggggrrrrrrrr!