Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Winter hound blahs

Hello all. It's definitely winter blah season. I'm finding it difficult to get up in the morning and have been the official weekend-sleeper-in hound. When Dad leaves for work on Saturday mornings, I vault into bed and spend the morning snoozing with Mom. Once we're rested, we go for our late morning walk.

Emma the cat has made life a bit more exciting and more complicated. I'm gated downstairs during the day and she sits up in the window seat at the top of the steps and stares down at me. I've started making all kinds of funny sounds resembling something between a squeal and a bay, so Mom is holding out hope that the bloodhound genes will prove to be the dominant ones. We've had a few close encounters and last night the sneaky little thing came downstairs while I was asleep. The humans hope that my chase instinct will fade with time. Um, I don't think so--I am a hound.

Anyway, the week is almost over. Time for a power nap.


Letters To Gavin said...

Hi, Bernie, my name is Wall-E. I like to sleep to!! And cats..... I am not a big fan of cats. Did you know that they have some wicked claws?

Bentley said...

Bernie, you look like you are ready for the weekend. Good job securing that napping spot on the couch.

The Thundering Herd said...

Quite the power nap.

Edie and Gus said...

Bernie, you look just like Molly in that pose! Dimond Willow is the lounge-hound around our house. I think she would sleep all day if I'd let her. Keep up the work on the baying. We can't wait to see a video!