Friday, January 15, 2010

Upstairs cat, downstairs dog

Hope the year has started out well for everyone. I really miss my sister, but promise to keep blogging and entertaining everyone and perhaps bring out my inner bloodhound even more. Mom says I try to bay sometimes but it comes out funny. Oh well.

We had an interesting New Year's--the cat that Mom has been feeding decided to adopt us. Needless to say, there was some initial growling (on both parts) and hissing (on Emma the cat's part--I do NOT hiss). The solution you ask? For the moment it's "upstairs cat" and "downstairs dog"... We look at each other through the gate at the steps and I really just want to smell her and maybe chase her. Anyway, the grand-humans were here for over a month and left this week, so I'm feeling a bit lonely. Sigh... Perhaps this blog will need to be renamed the cat chronicles...


Bentley said...

Keep trying on that howling, I know you'll get it!

Keep an eye out for claws if you get close to the gate. I've never encountered a cat close up. However, while at a fund-raising event for the local shelter a few years ago, Beau got a bit close to a cat carrier (he had no clue there was a cat inside of it) and was surprised by a quick swipe of a paw. He's been a bit wary of felines ever since!

Edie and Gus said...

Welcome to blogging, Bernie! We miss your sis, too, though we're glad to hear that you are doing well. Those cats are tricky things. Edie gave hers away about a year after I came home. Seemed to be a bit of a problem with the kitty litter box and too many hound noses. Not to mention that I required so much time as a pup, (along with the 2 other hounds) that the kitty wasn't getting enough attention. I do agree with Bentley--watch out for those claws!!

The Gusinator
PS So glad that your inner bloodhound is making an appearance. Keep it up!!

Letters To Gavin said...

Hi, Bernie, my name is Wall-E. I have been blogging for about a year now and I am discovering lots of dogs with blogs! I am a young dog (Gramma calls me a mere pup), so I am still building my vocabulary. My boy lives in Minnesota and is in Kindergarten, so we will be learning together! I was sorry to hear about your sister-dog. I hope that you might visit my blog soon!