Saturday, July 25, 2009

Clean for a cause: PART II

We heard this week that the dog wash raised over $3000 to benefit the county K-9 unit. That's great news!!!

Continuing our photo montage of last weekend's exciting K-9 squad dog wash benefit, we have some photos of the "aftermath" and return home. While I enjoyed the event (and even tolerated the bath), once we were clean, I felt it was time to go back to the car and go home. Lunch and a nap were in order after all the excitement. Anyway, I towed Mom back to the car in fine bloodhound style.

Wimsey would be proud of my towing prowess--Mom could barely keep her balance. People walking by were suitably impressed.

Here's Bernie looking handsome in his driving vest. He was definitely happy to be leaving the event!

Me looking particularly noble and houndly.

Anyway, we spent the week working on our smell but it's been so dry that there's a shortage of stinky, decomposing stuff to roll in. We'll have the invite the rabbits over... although they don't seem to like to visit our yard. I wonder why...


Edie and Gus said...

You are looking particularly strong, Marmalade! Great towing! How do you like the driving vests? Are you two good passengers in the car?


Bentley said...

My human guardians would be more than happy to send a few rabbits your way to provide you with some roll-able items. The bunnies here have been causing the destruction of the green bean patch. (Frankly, I could do a lot more damage if allowed access.)


Marmalade said...

I bet you could do a lot of damage, Bentley. We love our driving vests--the seat belt attaches in the back so we don't flop around the back seat and can look out, although I often curl up and snooze. Mom says we're great car dogs.

Wimsey said...

I had that same vest and then grew out of it. You are quite admirable at towing, bet Mom loves it!