Sunday, June 14, 2009

Whenever I want something...

I bay. Full volume. Mom says I have a beautiful, melodic singing voice and took some video to showcase it. So here goes.
This is my "I'm hungry--give me my dinner already" song.

And this is my "Put my bowl down already--please" serenade.



Bentley said...

Wow! Melodic is an understatement. If there is ever a hound version of American Idol, I'll be voting for you!


Marmalade said...

Thanks Bentley. I do love to sing. Mom and I sang a duet last night--she does a pretty good hound imitation.

Wimsey said...

Ah such lovely tones you have Miss Marmalade. And yes, your mother does do a pretty good hound imitation - I sang along with her too!


Ilonka said...

Yes Wimsey, your bay very impressive! It was a pleasure singing with you.

Edie and Gus said...

Marmalade, you have a beautiful voice. And a lovely, pointed head! Edie played your videos for everyone! I really have no idea why your mom thinks she needs earplugs. She must be extra sensitive to your beautiful melodies. Humans. I'll never understand them.
PS My lazy mom finally started posting again. Stop by!