Saturday, June 6, 2009

Central Park Safari with Wimsey

Hi everyone. Marmalade's Mom here. I got to meet his royal houndness Wimsey in New York City this week and was it ever an experience! Sir was very happy that I brought with me an entourage of admirers (my brother and his partner visiting from out of town). My brother in particular is a serious dog person and with Wimsey he got to experience some serious houndness. We had a blast--thanks to Wimsey and his humans. The weather was perfect for a lovely jaunt in the park. Here's Sir looking very handsome with my brother. Do they look alike? Perhaps a little...

And here's his royal houndness baying for attention (we had momentarily stopped petting him).


Anyway, we walked some more, he bayed some more, chucked some drool (his smart humans are always armed with drool rags), and then we ended up at Grom's Gelato--Wimsey's favorite ice cream spot. Here is some footage of Wimsey being grommed... We had quite a laugh when Wimsey got brain freeze!


And finally, Wimsey walking off into the sunset. No other comments necessary here.


Wimsey said...

And it was quite a pleasure to meet you, your brother and his lovely partner. Of course bringing up Marmalade and Bernie would have certainly added to the enjoyment, but having a full human entourage was quite pleasurable too! And thank you for the Grom and the Dean's Pizza!


Bentley said...

Oh what fun! We've listened to the bay over and over - and had to smile at the "parting shot". LOL!

Edie and Gus said...

I'm so glad you got to meet Wimsey and family! We sure had fun when we met them last year. Wimsey is quite the character, that's for sure! Don't you just love the "Wonderous Wimsey Wrinkle" on his forehead?? Do you think your brother will be acquiring a bloodhound anytime soon?

Marmalade said...

Hmmm... definitely no bloodhounds in Gyula and Shanna's future since they have two cats (who are the size of small dogs). Hmm perhaps I should visit... They got a healthy dose of houndliness, though, that's for sure!