Sunday, May 3, 2009

Snood fashion

Hi everyone. I got another package in the mail yesterday (the postman actually asked Mom what a bloodhound was and whether it was contagious [!!?]). Mom of course set him straight. Anyway, the package contained two beautiful snoods made by Bentley's Mom for little old me. One has bunnies on it and the other one is a butterfly motif, so I fit right in with all the pretty flowers outside. Anyway, snood fashion show part 1:

Anyway, I decided I wanted to be snoodless after a while.

Ah yes, sniffing with free ears--much better!


Bentley said...

Marmalade, my mom's happy the snoods arrived. She said had so much fun sewing girly things. (do you think maybe they'll get a new girl puppy someday?)

I use that type of rubbing technique to attempt to remove the gentle leader head collar after walks. Unfortunately, I'm not as successful as you are with the snood.

Got to agree, though, ears are very useful in enhancing the sniffing experience.

Wimsey said...

Very Pretty! The pink color is lovely on you. But definitely the ears need to be free to sniff properly.


Edie and Gus said...

Awwww, Marmalade, you look so cute! Pink is definitely your color! You look very feisty, are you still feeling better?

I am having fun towing everyone through the mud. The muddy driveway, the muddy walkway, you name it! We still have some snow left, so I get to have fun a little longer.

Gus the mud puppy

Marmalade said...

Awww... thanks guys--I'm blushing from all the complements... I think Mom might model my second snood--stay tuned for Mom and me photos! As for looking feisty, I am feeling better and am up to all kinds of no good. Gus, you're so lucky. It's raining here, but no good mud around... Have fun towing the humans! I towed Mom home from the station the other day in her work clothes--she was not amused.