Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tennis ball hound

Hi everyone. It seems that Spring has sprung, which meant Mom spent all weekend in the yard. Well, almost all weekend. She spent some of Saturday at the vet with me trying to figure out why I'm down to 55 pounds from 86 two years ago. Mom's really worried and I have to go for some more blood work tomorrow. I'm not worried--I have my tennis ball and my lounge chair--all is well.

Bernie and I enjoy supervising yard work. Humans are so slow--it takes forever for them to dig a hole. They should really let us handle it. Anyway, it's cooler again in the evening, so we're all snuggled on the sofa waiting for Dad to get home from work. Have a great evening!


Wimsey said...

You're so lucky to have a yard and tennis balls. Maria won't let me play with them because I'm too noisy. She's so mean to me.


Marmalade said...

Poor Wimsey... But you have central park and all those people in NYC to lavish attention on you...

Bentley said...

No tennis balls for me either. Mom gets nervous when the whole thing disappears in my lips and flews. She's afraid I'll try to swallow it whole. Beau gets to chase them - just another example of how the hound is discriminated against. *sigh*

Edie and Gus said...

Personally, I like to skin the tennis ball first. Then I eat the chewy rubber interior. But only if no one catches me.

Marmie, sorry to hear that you are losing weight. The vet kind of chewed me out because our old bluetick, Molly, is down to about 49 pounds from 65 or so. I have no idea why, they think it is old age and loss of muscle mass. She eats like a horse though, so I don't know what to do. Let me know if you try anything new! You old hounds are a handful, you know!! But we sure love you!!

Marmalade said...

Edie--we tried a Pancreatic enzyme supplement. The best thing to do is get some bloodwork on Molly to see what is going on. There may be secondary bloodwork involved as well. But that way you have a starting point... also try giving her higher calorie food. Is she eating normally?
Gus--Marm's tennis balls are the doggie kind--no rubber inside and VERY hard to rip apart. She just chews and squeaks them gently and carries them around.
--Marmie's Mom