Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday morning gross-out

Hi everyone. Hope you had a good weekend. I'm writing this entry while Mom is lying on the couch feeling a bit faint. You see, my bro Bernie, who may be what Bentley's family might call a "quarter-hounder" (part bloodhound, part spaniel, part Pyrenees and who knows what else) caught a rodent last night and decided to show Mom his catch this morning. I was intrigued, but Mom never lets me near the good stuff. In fact, she made us go inside and we watched from the window as she executed her disposal routine using our scooper and plastic bags. Humans are really funny about that stuff--she should have just let me take care of it... Anyway, she did not photograph the evidence--hence the neutral and non-gross picture to go with this post. A-roooo! (And birthday greetings to buddies Wimsey and Gus.)


Bentley said...

That's so not fair. How could she take away Bernie's find and wonderful catch! It's just not possible to understand humans.

Edie and Gus said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes, Marmalade! I can't believe I'm already 3 years old and still so mischievous! My poor humans think I will never grow up to be a dignified hound. Heeheehee!
-The Gusinator

And the following is from Edie:
BLEEECH!!! That is so gross, dogs! What were you thinking??? Well, okay, it could have been worse. At least you didn't take turns rolling in it. Now that would have been horrible!!

Wimsey said...

I too thank you for the birthday wishes. We hounds NEVER grow up! As for the rodent, teehee. Maria's apartment had a few in the cold of winter and she would do that classic jump on the chair screaming routine while I tried to catch them to play with.


Marmalade said...

Hi guys, Marmie's Mom here. The rodent in question was not a little mouse, but a big old R-A-T. Yuck. Did you manage to catch any of the mice, Wimsey? That would have been fun to see... And no, they did not roll in it... that's reserved for dead birds.

Life With Dogs said...

Major bummer! What a way to start the week.