Monday, December 1, 2008

Leaf pile hounds

Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving. I am feeling great and think that my duck and sweet potato food is the best stuff ever invented. Mom says I'm looking very shiny and is hoping I'll put on some weight soon.
Unlike lucky Wimsey, we didn't get to supervise the roasting of the turkey this year since Mom and Dad went over to Grandad and Grandma's for dinner. Mom still has nightmares about the turkey leg she had to pull out of Bernie's mouth last year. He was about to swallow it whole!
The weather was yucky, but luckily we still got some nice seasonal shots in. There is a mouse that lives in our wood pile and I was bound and determined to flush him out. Bernie, on the other hand, was playing in the leaves. Mom and Dad wouldn't mind him diving into the leaf piles if he didn't pee on them first... typical male dog, I say.


Bentley said...

Marmalade, I'm so glad to see you out and about and feeling better. That's one intense look of concentration you are showing as you stalk that mouse!

My human mom had to laugh at what you said about Bernie being a "boy dog". She said that between Beau and I, nothing in the back yard is safe!

ilonka said...

Nope--nothing in the yard is safe. I always move FAR away when I see Bernie lift his leg.