Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A howling good weekend

Weekends are really fabulous when we spend it lounging around. The weather was great, so Mom and Dad treated us to a hike on Saturday. We also had Marmie-bath-day later that afternoon, which was not fun. I was most unimpressed and luckily Mom was too distracted to take the dreaded bath photos. Unlike Wimsey's guardians, my parents didn't spend any time inhaling our freshly-washed smell--probably because wet hound, no matter how clean, is not a very appealing smell. We were so exhausted after the bath ordeal that we spent much of the afternoon snoozing in the sunny living room.
Our big excitement on the weekend was a runaway dog on our front lawn--she had taken off out her gate a few doors down and her Mom was having a hard time catching her. Being a little thing, she yapped and yapped, which resulted in me and Bernie howling and barking through the fence at her (which probably did not help much). Anyway, she was finally caught and stopped yapping and all was well with the world. Check out the pics of us howling--I must admit, we make pretty fierce guard-hounds.


Wimsey said...

Marmalade, my dear girl,

Are your humans unaware of the Grimeanator shampoo? That's what Maria and Elizabeth inhale. It only masks the fine houndly odor for a day or two, but in the meantime, I get lots of human sniffs, they might want to try it.

Yours in drool and baying!


Bentley said...

Marmalade, good to see you and your brother keeping the yard safe from other dogs. There are a couple of dogs that live on the other side of the fence in my backyard - when my human mom saw you with your nose up to the gate, she said you look just like me!

But...your "head thrown back" howling pose is extra impressive. My form isn't nearly that perfect. My compliments to you!


Marmalade said...

Thanks Bentley. It's funny, since I've been adopted, Bernie has really gotten in touch with his inner bloodhound--he howls sometimes (can't always get the accent right) and tilts his head back too (mostly for chin scratches, though). Wimsey, I'm unfortunately on a medicated shampoo for my skin, so the Grimeanator is out for now... Sounds great, though.

Edie and Gus said...

Excellent gate-guarding!! No sane person (or animal) would try to get in the yard with you and Bernie in such fine form!

Edie has picked up the Yummy Chummies for you. She just needs to get them in the mail and on their way.

You would enjoy her favorite pet store. It's called Cold Spot Feeds, and it's full of dogsleds, harnesses, hound hats, head lamps, etc. The people at the counter are all graying, long-haired, scraggly, Alaskan outdoor type guys. Someday, she says, she is going to take a picture of them!

Carry on with the excellent guard hound activities,

Gus of the North