Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Howlin' and stylin'

A big howl to everyone from the houndly capital Washington, D.C. It's been getting cooler outside and Bernie and I are really enjoying our romps in the park. There is so much stuff to sniff. Since I'm an older girl, our friend Karin gave me a winter coat to wear on cold mornings. I was a bit skeptical, but I must say, it looks rather fetching on me. Check out the photos from my Saturday photo shoot with Mom. Luckily Mom was so busy snapping pics that she forgot that she was going to give me a bath. I'm with Wimsey--I'll do anything possible to avoid the dreaded B-A-T-H! Anyway, enjoy the pictures. I must get back to my morning power nap. Mom has Japanese class tonight, which means Dad gets to walk (be dragged by is more accurate) both of us together.


Bentley said...

Marmalade, you are stylin' indeed! That looks like it will keep you cozy and warm - always a good thing.

Edie and Gus said...

You look soooo cute! I'll bet you will get a lot of attention in that jacket, which is always a good thing! Have you thought about booties yet??

How is your stomach doing? Any luck with treats that don't upset it? You mentioned that you would like to try Yummy Chummies. Let us know!

Have lots of fall fun!

Gus, Snowbound Hound of Alaska

Marmalade said...

Hey guys,
Thanks for the complements. It's been pretty warm, so I haven't needed to wear my coat very much. I may get booties to help with my allergies. Of course, they will have to match the coat! The tummy's better, thanks. With regard to the yummy chummies, I sent our address by e-mail last week or so. Let me know if you didn't get the e-mail. Thanks again for offering.