Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The "Maine (Coon)" attraction: E-kitty photo shoot

Hi everyone. Emma Peel here. The hound is fast asleep and I'm taking the opportunity to post some "modeling" pics that one of our human guests took during his visit. I must say, they are quite good. If anyone is wondering about my clipped ear, my humans had assumed that I was feral and took me to a spay/neuter clinic at the Washington Animal Rescue League, where they clipped my ear so that if anyone trapped me again, they would see that I'd already been spayed. Anyway, it's kind of funny that I was clipped and released, and then decided to befriend the humans and join them indoors a week later.

I still spend most of my time upstairs. I love the human's office--I sleep on her desk and look out the windows--optimal bird viewing!

My relationship with the Hound has improved. We started at the hiss and growl stage and have progressed to both being on the humans' bed at the same time. Of course, he takes up too much space and doesn't heed my meows asking to be fed... perhaps he can be trained. Of course, the humans are proud that the Hound tolerates my presence (even though it's the other way around). I put it down to one thing--the power of claw!

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Bentley said...

Aww Emma, you are a very photogenic feline.

I must admit that I have not had any close encounters with a cat, but I think you look very friendly.