Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lights out!

Emma Peel, a.k.a. "E-kitty" here. I managed to finally get the laptop away from the large Hound, who is sleeping off three days without air-conditioning. We had a huge storm on Sunday. Well, I heard it was huge. I didn't really notice it since I was having my afternoon nap, but the Hound came upstairs to check on me once the worst was over. (I know--it was kind of sweet, but he's still a Hound.) I think he was surprised to find me asleep on my chair. Now that I am an indoor diva, I'm not afraid of anything. After all, I managed to survive on my own outdoors until last January (I'm at least part Maine Coon--we're pretty tough cats and the smartest cats in the domesticated cat world). Life indoors is good. It was especially fun watching all the snow fall last winter and knowing that I wouldn't have to get my paws wet.

Anyway, it was awfully hot and the humans were not impressed by their lack of food options, given that the big thing in the kitchen they keep their food in was out of commission. Me--I had my kibble and was just fine, thank you. I heard that the Hound gets salmon oil on his kibble. Hmmmm... E-kitty will have to investigate... and make the humans get some salmon oil just for her... Feline fish breath must be superior to hound fish breath.

The heat and lack of light put a damper on our nightly games of feather wand this week and the human was not particularly happy when I dove on top of her at 4 a.m. asking for breakfast. I have the routine down pat--first I head butt and purr, then I swat, then I do the E-kitty shiatsu special right on the stomach. If all else fails, I start to yowl at full volume. I mean, seriously--these humans should sleep more during the day and get up earlier. Anyway, I need to get back to my power nap now.

Ironic how the smallest creature in the house keeps the humans in line.

Emma Peel
Maine Coon, Kibble connoisseur, and Feline Diva beyond compare

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Lola said...

It's very nice to meet you. I hear wonderful things about Maine Coons, including that they tend to like doggies. It as though you keep it simple. We could all learn from you.

wags, Lola