Friday, June 4, 2010

The humans visit Wimsey

Well, my humans left me with my favorite uncle a few weeks ago. I was a bit upset, but it was for a good cause--they went to visit Wimsey--the spectacular bloodhound who rules New York's upper west side. In a bit less than 24 hours, there was much baying, bottle crunching, pizza eating, and, of course, a Wimsey-guided tour of Central Park. It seems that Wimsey is as impressive a sniffer as I am and took his time inhaling the scents of the park.

My male human Paul had never met Wimsey before and he was duly impressed. He was well trained--making the customary plastic bottle offering to Sir.

Anyway, later that night, a pizza offering was also made, which the Great Hound enjoyed immensely. He was so grateful, in fact, that he sat on Paul!

I wish the humans got ME pizza!
And no blog post would be complete without a display of the wondrous Wimsey wrinkle.
Of course, I was very happy when the humans returned. A-roo!


Lola said...

Well, that's pretty cool, to visit Wimsey in pawson. Of course, it would just as cool to visit you, too.

wags, Lola

The Thundering Herd said...

We hope Wimsey trained them how to appropriately treat you!

Letters To Gavin said...

Gramma tells me that Wimsey's face shows great character. Now I am confused because she said that I was quite a character. This must be one of those words that have more than one meaning! I hope you get a pizza soon! I find it to be quite tasty.

Wimsey said...

Oh, how sweet of you to give the post over to me. Thank you Bernie and E-Kitty for lending me your humans for a day.


Bentley said...

How cool that your humans got to visit the famous Wimsey. Did they bring you any souvenirs from the visit...gelato, anything from any of Wimsey's other haunts? Or maybe just some drool to share?


Bernie said...

No pizza or gelato so far, but I did cadge some tuna yesterday.

Edie and Gus said...

Lucky humans! A tour of Central Park with the famous Wimsey? We are jealous, jealous, jealous. My humans hope to get back to see him again, too.

Gusinator of the North