Friday, December 11, 2009

'Tis the season...

'Tis the season to be houndly, fa la la la la--a-roo!

I was not amused and suffered the indignity of wearing antlers for only a few short minutes. The things we do for our humans... seriously!

Anyway, life in Houndonia has been quite eventful. The grand-human from Canada is visiting and another is set to arrive tomorrow. This means more pets and hugs and, of course, opportunities to swipe food when they're not looking (alas, they are not owned by hounds). Speaking of being owned by hounds, Dad gets us on weekends and last weekend we managed to successfully sandwich him on the sofa bed. With all the snoring going on, Dad said it was like sleeping on a massage-bed.

I also have to share this pic of Bernie doing his pig imitation:

This was taken on Thanksgiving. Of course, the humans gave thanks for having us hounds around. They also got on the topic of what life would be like without us. Unimaginable!

Food could be left on the counter;
There would be ample sofa and bed space;
The humans would gain weight and get way too much sleep;
The vacuum would get a well-deserved vacation;
The neighborhood would be quiet--no ear splitting bays;
The postman would actually walk up to the house slowly, instead of sprinting up to the mailbox and back due to the furious barking and baying;
The humans would have something called "disposable income" since they would not have to shell out for food, treats, medicine, and expensive vet visits;
The walls would stay clean;
Clothing would remain undecorated by rope drool;
And the list went on until they humans decided that houndlessness would be boring beyond belief!

I will sign off on that happy note.

Marmalade, a most festive hound


Bentley said...

Oh Marmalade, you look so cute. It's nice of you to wear the antlers and make your humans happy.

My mom laughed at the picture of Bernie's nose. She sees that view of Beau quite often. Imagine, he'll put his nose *sooo* close to the food, but not grab it!

The Thundering Herd said...

Sorry about the antlers. The humans are chasing us around with weird objects as well.

Wimsey said...

Oh, Elizabeth has been threatening to find antlers for me to wear for a picture too. You look quite lovely though Marmie. As for the humans living without hounds, impossible!


SALT said...

Marmie, my dear sweet baby girl. I miss you so much. You will be in my thoughts forever, rest in peace my beloved bloodhound girl