Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fun videos

Hi everyone. We got a bath today and are not amused--now we have to go back to the drawing board to get our houndly odor back...
Mom finally got around to attaching video from our day trip. The first has a story attached to it. You see, we'd just arrived at Pembroke Springs and the fresh country air proved to be very good for Bernie's digestive system. So good, in fact, that he proceeded to take a very large poop in the field. Me being a hound, and a curious one at that, wanted to investigate. Of course, Mom had other ideas about this--hence the furious barking and baying.

This is some footage of us on the trail tracking the bear that was in the area.


Swampechaun said...

I feel your pain Marmalade - I am all too familiar with the stinky stink of flowers and fruits and other things that you might think are good-smelling but are not. Everyone should know that Hound Funk is the best odor. Ever.

Bentley said...

Oh goodness, hope that you've started to get that good hound smell back again. It's been raining here, so I've been lucky to have that moisture added to the mix...very special.

We all liked the videos and enjoy hearing your pretty voice!


Edie and Gus said...

Great lunge, Marmie! You almost made it. Loved the way your ears flew at the end of the video, too! Looks like a wonderful outing. Will you be going anywhere else soon?

Marmalade said...

Almost made it, but Mom wouldn't budge... no good decomposing stuff to sniff either... must find some soon!