Sunday, February 22, 2009

Marmie's Gotcha-Day

Hi everyone. Marmie's Mom here. I just wanted to let everyone know that February 21st was the second anniversary of Marmalade's adoption. It's safe to say our lives have not been the same since we brought her home. We now have the cleanest counters anywhere (with everything out of hound reach); we have a weekly wall washing ritual; I'm adept at spotting dead and decomposing stuff on the trail before she can get it; and Marm's Dad and I can actually identify the many melodies in her houndly "songs". Her hound brother Bernie agrees that life would not be the same without her. We almost lost her to bloat last November and the good outcome makes us sure that she will howl, drool, and eat her way through our lives for many more years to come.

She was eight when we adopted her and it's been so wonderful seeing an older dog discover the good life. We don't think she'd ever lived in a house before--she had to learn to go up and down stairs and the day she discovered upholstery, she didn't leave the sofa for ten hours. She's happy and on her way to getting healthy. The highlight of our morning is going downstairs and seeing her lounging on her arm chair. Her enthusiastic songs greet us whenever we walk in the door and she is more than happy to remind us when we're a little late with her meals. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pics of our beautiful girl and her latest masterpiece--rope drool (flavored with duck and sweet potato dog food) on my piano sheet music.


Bentley said...

Oh goodness, that is some impressive drool! Very nice work.

Marmalade, lots of good wishes to you, your brother Bernie, and your human mom and dad too... for many more enjoyable years together - with lots of walks, howling, and drooling!

Edie and Gus said...

Marmie, awesome job on the sheet music! I like to soak the girl's cello music from time to time as well. It also tastes really good. The humans do seem to get a little miffed when I shred it. You know that block of stuff they rub on cello bows? Boy, that tastes really good, too.

We are so glad you found your new family and that we became friends because of them.

Hugs and flinging drool to you on your special anniversary!

The Gusinator

Wimsey said...

Such a pretty girl! I'm happy she found you. As for the drool on the sheet music, at least it's not in your coffee.


Marmalade said...

Very true. Although Bernie takes care of the coffee--he has to lick my coffee cup when I put it down. Last week he actually drank half of it before I caught him. I was so desperate for caffeine that I drank the rest. That is hound love!